Tuesday 10 March 2015

The Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

Title: The Little Beach Street Bakery
Author: Jenny Colgan
Published: 13th March 2014
Publisher: Sphere


The Little Beach Street Bakery has been on my TBR pile for a year! Shocking I know, but so many books and all that. When I was kindly sent the second book in the series, this was just the kick I needed to get reading it.

This story centres around Polly. She has just declared bankruptcy and is recovering from a relationship turned sour. She has very little money so ends up moving to the tiny seaside town of Polbearne, where she rents out an abandoned shop. Polly tries to make light of everything by doing what she enjoys the most- baking bread. As she takes out her frustrations, her baking skills get better and better and people around the village gets wind of her baking skills.

This is a cute and cosy read that I have seen so many people say, but for me, I just felt like there was something missing. I felt perhaps that it was a little bit long in places, if it had been cut down, I think I would have enjoyed it more overall. Also there wasn't quite the spark I was expecting from the romance interest. This isn't to say it wasn't enjoyable. I loved the setting of Polbearne and the the bread that Polly bakes has left me with a serious desire to bake my own bread. Little Neil the Puffin is incredibly cute and a great addition to the story.

Polly really is not afraid to speak her mind and I actually found this refreshing as she doesn't let anyone bully her, not really even Mrs Manse. I also really liked the fishermen that Polly meets and the author really manages to get across just how hard they work and the dangers they put themselves in.

I also liked what the author was trying to convey in this story about taking chances. Not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone and doing what you love. A great message to take away.

Overall, this was a nice, cosy story,with a great setting and lovely characters, but just could have been a bit shorter and a different take on the love interest. I will still be reading the next instalment.


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