Thursday 12 March 2015

Blog Tour: His Other Life by Beth Thomas

Title: His Other Life
Author: Beth Thomas
Published: 12th March 2015
Publisher: Avon

Today I am thrilled to be kicking of the fabulous blog tour for His Other Life by Beth Thomas with a review. All the other stops are listed below, so please do check out their awesome blogs for other great content.


I must first comment on how beautiful the cover for this book is. I love the stark contrast between the colours and the lady on the front opening a box which clearly has hidden secrets in it. It goes perfectly with this story.

The synopsis for His Other Life is enough to instantly grab your attention. Grace thinks she has married Mr Perfect and feels so lucky; but when Adam disappears without a trace, she is left confused and with a lot of unanswered questions. As Grace goes on a pursuit to find him, she starts to realise that Adam wasn't so perfect after all...

The beginning of this was one of those perfect starts to a story. A big event happens, which leaves you and the main character with loads of questions and this eagerness to read on to find out what will happen.

His Other Life has a great narrative which easily draws you into the story. It's quick and witty and makes for easy reading. It also cleverly throws you off the scent as to what will happen, so just when you think you've sussed it, the author throws a curveball in. You literally do not know where the story will take you.

Grace the main character, although a bit naive, is actually very funny and I laughed at how much she over exaggerated everything and the way her mind worked. I think this made her a more believable character and easily likeable. There are also some other great characters to add to the mix of this story; Grace's family members being some of them and they certainly do lighten the mood with their small family dramas. Also Grace's best friend Ginge, who is the perfect best friend in my opinion and her brother Matt who leads to an unexpected development.

Although this was good, it wasn't quite as suspenseful as I initially thought it was going to be. I actually found it more funny than scary. I thought it would be more of a thriller, but it was definitely more chick-lit with some suspense thrown in. This is not a bad thing of course, but think the synopsis perhaps should have been written differently. However once I got over this slight confusion, this was a very enjoyable story and actually very unique in the way it mixed the humour, mystery and suspense together.

This was one of those books that I just could not wait to get stuck into and once I had started, I didn't want to put it down.


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