Thursday 11 September 2014

Blog Tour: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

Title: The Best of Me
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published: 11th September 2014
Publisher: Sphere

Today I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for The Best of Me by Nicolas Sparks with a review. The other stops are listed below, so do stop by their blogs for some other great content.


Probably a bit of some shock horror here for some of you die hard Nicolas Sparks fans, but this is the first Nicolas Sparks novel that I have read. I have however watched some of his films; Dear John, Safe Haven and the Notebook, so I may have redeemed myself slightly there, but I know, films are rarely as good as the books. Anyway on to review my first Nicolas Sparks novel. 

I found Amanda and Dawson's story utterly heartbreaking. Both from opposite sides of life, their love for each other is fraught with obstacles and they are torn apart. Years later fate brings them back together, but can they really defy all the odds and remake what they once had.

The love story of Amanda and Dawson is truly heart-wrenching. Nicolas Sparks has a way with words that really conveys the in-depth emotions of the characters. It is so easy to get lost in the characters stories and seeing how they all came together. It really got across how complicated love can be and how it's hardly ever easy. I think this is what I really took from this novel. There are also some really gritty, loathsome characters in this, that have such a striking contrast to Amanda and Dawson. So this novel is not without its dramas and heart-stopping moments.

Towards the end, my heart was beating hard; Nicolas Sparks saves all the heart-stopping action right when you wonder what could happen next.

The only slight issue I had with this was that I annoyingly guessed some of the outcomes, which took away some of the big reveal.

However, overall an emotional, heart-wrenching and tear-jerking novel.


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  1. Eeep saw the trailer for the film adaptation of this the last time I was in the cinema and it looked soo cute. I haven't read any Nicholas Sparks but I've watched all the other films so maybe I'll start with this one too! Great review :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?