Friday 29 August 2014

Interview with Christina Mercer, Author of The Honey Queen

Today I am delighted to host a fabulous interview with Christina Mercer, author of The Honey Queen.

Title: The Honey Queen
Author: Christina Mercer
Published: 31st May 2014
Publisher: Christina Mercer

Interview with Christina Mercer

1. Please could you tell us the inspiration behind Honey Queen.
My love of all things magical, mythical and honey bee inspired me to create this story. And I’d never read anything quite like it! I also wanted to incorporate a romantic element and set in a place I know well (the foothills of California), as well as a place I envisioned in mind (an ancient Greek isle).

2. What compelled you to write in the fantasy genre?
I’ve been a fantasy nerd since I can remember. I was one of those little girls with a room full of stuffed unicorns, homemade crowns, and an endless imagination. I get excited about mythology (especially mythology that focuses on nature) as well, and so tying ancient myths with my fairy-tale brain compelled (and still compels me) to write the stories I do.

3. What did you enjoy the most about writing Honey Queen?
I loved writing in the first person POV of a teenage girl, as it really connected me to her character. I had fun with the romantic elements and also giving her a unique friend (you’ll have to read it to meet Boyd :-)). And I totally enjoyed weaving in facts and lore about honey bees throughout the story.  

4. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.
I write fiction for children and teens and was lucky enough to have two of my books honored—Arrow of the Mist was a Semi-Finalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel Award and took Honorable Mention in a Writer’s Digest Award, and Honey Queen took Writer’s Best of Show at an SCBWI Regional Conference. Both books were also recently nominated in the IndieReCon Live Awards. In addition to writing, I am also an accountant, a hobbyist beekeeper, and an herbalist. A few other random facts: I adore dogs, I don’t eat mammals, and I drink tea by the gallons.  

5. What do you like the most about being an author?
It is a job where passion meets creation meets fulfillment. And no matter how many years I do this, it never EVER gets boring!

6. Where is your favourite place to write?
I tend to write better in a quiet environment and I love, love, LOVE plenty of tea, hot or cold, always nearby. Usually, I write in a sitting area of my bedroom where I can look out a window at the trees. I have a table with my laptop and basic supplies plus any notes, outlines or storyboards I’m using.

7. Do you have any other books planned?

Yes, I have a couple of projects going at the moment that I am excited about. One is a Young Adult Paranormal about a teen girl mixed up in a dangerous brew of family dysfunction, a murderous coven, and love. The other project is a fun co-authored Science Fiction geared toward the New Adult audience.

8. Where can others connect with you?

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