Wednesday 30 July 2014

Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen

Title: Where Love Lies
Author: Julie Cohen
Published: 31st July 2014


Where do I start to review this beautiful book? I had so many emotions whilst reading this, it truly is a stunning novel.

Where Love Lies is focused around Felicity. She is off meeting her husband at a restaurant in London but gets a little lost. It is while she is lost she gets this overwhelming smell of Frangipani and thinks that she sees her Mum, but it can't be; she isn't here. Soon these overwhelming smells start to become more frequent and it starts to evoke memories and feelings for a man she has not thought about for ten years. She starts to doubt her love for her husband Quinn; but what if it was meant to be, should she trust her head or her heart?

This was such a clever story idea. Julie leaves you constantly wondering what it is that is causing Felicity to experience this powerful smell, and overwhelming feelings of love for another man. Not once did I manage to get it right despite having lots of guesses running through my head.

What particularly made this novel so wonderful for me was Julie's beautiful descriptions that were just so utterly perfect. It made the book unputdownable and meant that I finished (sadly) a lot quicker than I thought I would. What was also wonderfully done was that the reader gets to see Quinn and the man that Felicity thinks she is in love with points of view. It gives you a deeper understanding of the story and actually makes it all the more emotional.

I found Where Love Lies incredibly heart-wrenching, especially where Quinn is concerned. He loves Felicity dearly and is the perfect husband, so it was heartbreaking to read about her doubts for her love for him. However on the same level I wanted Felicity to be happy and also the other man. It was hard reading to find out the ending as I just wanted everything to work out alright.

Overall this was a heartwrenching, emotional story that I absolutely loved.


Where Love Lies is available from Amazon UK, Waterstones and various other online and on the high street bookshops.

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