Tuesday 29 July 2014

A Place For Us Part One by Harriet Evans

Title: A Place for Us
Author: Harriet Evans
Published: 31st July 2014


I truly think it was a brilliant idea to make A Place for Us into a four part series. If part one is anything to go by, the next three parts are going to be amazing!

Part One introduces us to all the characters surrounding and linked to the Winter family. Each chapter is written from a different character's point of view and as I reiterate in every review where a book does this, I love it! It makes you feel that you are truly getting every aspect of the story and I think it's so intelligent when an author does this as you see how the characters all link back to one another and intertwine. Not only this, Harriet as written each of the characters and their stories so differently and so well, you forget that they have each been written and made up from one author; they are just so beautifully complex and so well developed. It is so easy to put yourself in each of their shoes and empathise with their part of the story.

Harriet Evans writes so beautifully. The way she describes everything and the words she uses instantly draw you in and carry you seamlessly throughout the story. I just kept wanting to read on and on the occasions I had to put it down, I instantly wanted to pick it up again.

I am not going to talk too much about the story; but we start with Martha Winter inviting everyone for a get together and on the invitation she says that she has something to announce. As you read, this is always at the back of your mind and as you learn more about the other characters you start to think that there may be even more secrets that need to come to light. 

The last page has had me absolutely dying to read to part two! Way to leave a cliffhanger!!! I don't know how I will able to wait that long to find out more!

A Place for Us Part One is available from Amazon UK

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