Monday 7 July 2014

Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman


Gretchen Muller has, as best she can, dealt with the horrors of her family's past. Her father, a senior Nazi officer, died to save the life of their leader, Adolf Hitler. And now Germany has the chance to be great once more. Swept up in the excitement and passion of life in Munich in 1931, seventeen-year-old Gretchen has embraced the life laid out for her by that leader, her 'Uncle Dolf'.

But the secrets of the past cannot be silenced forever. When Gretchen receives a letter from an anonymous sender claiming to have more information about her father's death, she becomes swept up in a desperate and dangerous search for the truth. With the full might of the ever-powerful Nazi party on her tail, it is a race that will risk everything she has and change her life forever...


This was a brilliantly crafted story about living in Germany during Hitler's rise to power from the view point of seventeen year old Gretchen. Gretchen is known as Hitler's favourite and calls her 'My Sunshine' and she affectionately calls him Uncle Dolf. But there are dark secrets surrounding Hitler and the Nazi regime that Gretchen cannot even begin to comprehend. As the secrets start to unravel, Gretchen starts to realise that the affectionate 'Uncle Dolf' title does not go so well...

I really really wish I had had this book to read whilst I was studying History at sixth form as it definitely would have helped with my understanding. The research that has gone into this books is impeccable. Even though this is obviously a work of fiction, the historical research mixes together with the fiction element so that at times I had to remind myself that Gretchen's story didn't actually happen; it was that well written.

The Prisoner of Night and Fog makes for some compelling reading. Even though we know the outcome of Hilter's rise to power, I found myself hoping that he would be able to be stopped. Once Gretchen makes contact with Daniel we see how the clouds that Hitler has covered Gretchen's eyes with about the Jews begin to evaporate and she begins to see the real Hitler. As Gretchen's life begins to become more dangerous, I could feel my heart pounding. You cannot not get completely involved.

What is even more brilliant about this is that there is more to come! I will definitely be immersing myself in Gretchen's world as soon as I can and following Hitler's story in his rise to power.

A compelling, emotional and a must read for all Young Adult readers!


The Prisoner of Night and Fog is available from Amazon UK, Waterstones and all other bookshops.

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