Thursday 12 June 2014

Blog Tour: The Mysterious Bakery on Rue de Paris by Evie Gaughan

Today I am pleased to be part of the blog tour for The Mysterious Bakery on Rue de Paris from Evie Gaughan.


This is the magical tale of Edith Lane, who sets off to find her fortune in the beautiful city of Paris. Fortune, however, is a fickle thing and Edith ends up working in a vintage bakery in the positively antique town of Compiègne. Escaping heartache and singledom in Ireland, Edith discovers that the bakery on Rue De Paris is not exactly what it seems and that some ghosts from the past are harder to escape than others. A heart-warming story that is sure to appeal to all of the senses, The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris is a mouth-watering journey of love, liberty and la vie en rose.


I was instantly drawn to this novel purely from three words in the title; mysterious, bakery and Paris. Three words that just seem to fit together and let me to read a lovely story.

Edith was an instantly likable character. Thinking that her life has got stuck in a bit of a rut, she makes the scary decision of applying for a job at a bakery in Paris. It's a big step for her and takes her completely out of her comfort zone. Things don't start off right either when she thinks she's going to be working in Paris when actually she is working in the town of Compiègne, an hour's train ride from Paris. She then also has an unfriendly boss to contend with, Madame Moreau. Being back in Ireland is starting to look more appealing! And then there is the mystery surrounding the bakery, why won't Madame Moreau let her into the basement where all the food is baked?

I really enjoyed the mystery part of this story. I felt that something magical was afoot and throughout the whole book it had that sense of enchantment and unusual goings on.

This had some great secondary characters too like Nicole who befriends Edith and Manu, who works closely with Madame Moreau.

The setting of Compiègne, despite being set in the winter months really sounded idyllic. I really felt transported to France and wanted to be there with Edith.

My only tiny criticism is that I would have liked more build up and story line surrounding the mystery. I felt that we found out too quickly and not as much was made of it as it could have been. However that is just my opinion.

This was a really heartwarming, lovely story that was so easy to get lost in.


The Mysterious Bakery on Rue de Paris is available from Amazon UK

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