Tuesday 20 May 2014

Author Interview with Jaimie Adams

Today I have the really lovely Jaimie on the blog with a great interview. Jaimie is kindly offering you the chance to win three of her books below. More details on how to enter are at the bottom of the page.

1. You have written an impressive  5 novels, 2 of which I’ve been lucky enough to read, which one was your favourite?

Ack! Starting off with the hardest question! That’s a bit like asking a mother to pick her favourite child! Obviously I love all my books otherwise they wouldn’t be out, but if I absolutely have to answer that question, it would probably be Afterlife Academy.

2. Please give an brief synopsis of your favourite book?

It’s about a girl called Riley who dies and ends up going to a school for dead teenagers. Riley actually isn’t a very nice person, she’s part of the popular crowd and a bully, but things change when she gets to Afterlife Academy and finds that she’s the outcast there. She’s not alone either because the accident that killed her also killed Anthony, a geeky boy she bullied. They’re stuck there together, and the story is really about Riley learning to accept her death and the complete change from the life she knew, and realising she was pretty horrible before and that neither Afterlife Academy or Anthony are as bad as she first thought they were.

3. Why is this one your favourite?

I’m not quite sure really! It was one of those ideas that just took off and snowballed into a life of it’s own, and when I finally started to write it, I just couldn’t get it out quick enough! I also loved the fantasy aspect – it was the first time I’d really done pure fantasy, something that didn’t have the confines of reality so anything could happen. My imagination wasn’t limited to being realistic, so nothing was too strange. I even managed to chuck a vampire pumpkin in there!

4. What do you most enjoy about being a writer?

Honestly, I just love writing – the actual process of creating that first draft, even when you know it will be edited to shreds later, but I love the bit where you can just let your imagination run wild, where the characters start talking and usually do things you didn’t intend them to do, when ideas come in quicker than you can write them down! I love that feeling!

5. What author/s inspire you?

I love the authors I grew up reading, like Enid Blyton and Judy Blume, without them, I would never have started writing myself. Nowadays, I love people like Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot who are at the top of their genres and always release quality, fun books. I also admire a lot of my Twitter pals who are so prolific and lovely!

6. Out of all your books, who is your favourite character?

Okay, I’ll have to give you two answers – my absolute favourite character out of all my books is from my current WIP, he’s called Aaron and he’s the main character’s love interest in the book, and I think I’m a little bit in love with him myself too! Out of all my published books, I have a real soft spot for Anthony from Afterlife Academy, and I also really love Luke from North Pole Reform School, I really enjoyed writing his mix of sarcasm and vulnerability!

7. Are any of the characters based on people you know?

Always! I mean, none are cardboard copies or anything, but aspects of people you know tend to creep in whether you like it or not. I never set out of base characters on anyone, but I usually find that looks-wise celebrities come to mind while writing, and personality-wise, little things tend to sneak in and you realise it’s the kind of thing someone you know would do or say.

8. What are you reading at the moment?

I’ve just finished The Fault In Our Stars, which I loved so much, I wish I’d have read it ages ago now! I’m currently reading an advanced copy of a friend’s book, I won’t mention what it is but will be sure to tell everyone once it comes out because it’s brilliant!

9. Where can others connect with you?

I’m always on Twitter (way, way too much!) @be_the_spark, and I’m on Facebook at jaimieadmansbooks, and my website is http://www.jaimieadmans.com 

Thanks, Laura! Happy Blogoversary!

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