Wednesday 21 May 2014

Author Interview with Cathy Bramley

Today I have my second author interview of the day with the really lovely Cathy Bramley. Cathy will be talking about her novel Conditional Love amongst other things and there's a chance to win her book via the link at the bottom of the page.

1.  Please can you give us a short synopsis of what Conditional Love is about.
Conditional Love is a romantic comedy about Sophie Stone, a thirty-something serial procrastinator who to date has been somewhat of a passenger in her own life. She gets the opportunity of a lifetime to finally take control of her destiny in the form of a mysterious inheritance. But there is a condition attached to the will: in order to inherit she has to meet the father who left her and her mother when she was born. Sophie has to start making her own decisions to get the life she dreams of, but with bickering house mates, a boyfriend with questionable motives, a rather attractive architect and warring parents nothing is straightforward. Sophie will have to face the past and learn some shocking home truths before she can finally get her own happy-ever-after.

2. What was the inspiration for Conditional Love?
I came up with the idea of writing a novel loosely based on the property industry after my husband and I built our own house in 2011. I’m a massive Grand Designs fan and we’d been following the programme for years. Once we had moved into the house, I began to jot down ideas for a book and it grew from there.

3. Which character did you most enjoy writing?
Good question! Obviously I spent most of my time working on the main character, Sophie and enjoyed seeing her develop and finally start to make the right choices. But I also enjoyed writing about Sophie’s boss Donna. She was a bit of a witch and her behaviour is appalling, but towards the end of the book we see her more vulnerable side. I enjoyed developing her into a nicer human.

4. Where is your favourite place to write?

Before I started writing Ivy Lane this year, I had our little study decorated and rearranged so that I could work in there. One wall has a pin board on it covered with inspirational pictures for the book I’m currently writing.  The other wall is papered in a pretty birdcage design by Louise Body. I even put up a chandelier-style light fitting. The window sill is line with special cards including one from my agent and one from my editor when we first started working together. Now it feels like a feminine and creative space and I love spending my time writing in there.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Carve some time out for yourself to write. If it means taking a week off work to shut yourself away, or getting up at 5am – DO IT! Try and attend some writers’ events. For the last two years I’ve been to the Festival of Writing at York Uni run by the Writers’ Workshop. You’ll learn loads and you’ll make friends with other writers. When you’ve written your first draft of your first novel be prepared for it not to be perfect. If you can afford to, send the manuscript off for a full critique or sign up for a six week self-editing course (also run by Writer’s Workshop). You might have to rewrite parts of it, but celebrate the fact that you set out to write a book and you’ve done it!

6. What are you currently reading?
I’ve just started Dear Thing by Julie Cohen.

7. Describe Conditional Love in three words
Warms your cockles

8. Do you have any other books planned?
The remaining three parts of Ivy Lane, my serialised novel about a girl who takes on an allotment to turn her life around will be out later this year. Ivy Lane: Summer will be published on 3 July 2014. Ivy Lane: Autumn on 3 September 2014 and Ivy Lane: Winter on 3 November 2014.
I have written another novel White Lies and Wishes which I don’t have a publication date for yet and am just about to start work on something new and exciting!

9. Where can others connect with you?
My Amazon UK page is here: Amazon UK
And I’m also on Goodreads

A big thank you to Cathy for stopping by! If you would like a chance to win her book Conditional Love, enter via this link:  One Year Blogoversary Giveaway

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