Tuesday 18 March 2014

Shattered by Teri Terry


Kyla's memory was erased,
her personality wiped blank,
her memories lost for ever.

Or so she thought.

After the shocking events of SLATED and FRACTURED, we return to Kyla's oppressive world as she tries to make sense of her lfe and everything around her.

Set in a disturbing near-future world, this is the conclusion to an engrossing, fast-paced trilogy that establishes Teri Terry as a master thriller writer.

Book 3 in the acclaimed SLATED trilogy.


Firstly, I have some serious cover love again! How beautiful is that cover?! Even if I didn't know what the story was about, I think the cover alone would have made me pick this book up!

The final in the Slated Trilogy and the BEST of all three for me! So many shocking turns and twists and revelations. Teri constantly surprises you as you can never even begin to guess where the story is headed. I apologise in advance for all my capital letters and exclamation marks, but this is how much this novel affected me. 

This was an EXPLOSIVE series finale. Teri Terry has fast become one of my favourite authors and I have slightly started to 'stalk' her on twitter (hope she doesn't mind and isn't freaked out. I'm fairly normal, honest!).

After the amazing first two books in the series and some already mind blowing events, you think maybe Kyla has had it all. But oh no, Kyla is in for some more shattering turn of events! I don't know how Teri does it? She is an amazing writer, I was completely transported to Kyla's world and everything just felt so real. 

This may be classed as a Young Adult book, but it definitely can be read by all. I am nearly 25 and I loved it!

Utterly compelling, completely absorbing and unputdownable. You need this trilogy on your TBR pile NOW!

I may be sad to finish this amazing series, but in the back of the last book there was a preview for Teri's NEXT BOOK!!! And I seriously CANNOT wait until it's out!! 


Shattered is available from Amazon UK and Waterstones

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  1. This book looks like an amazing read. Definitely adding it to the TBR pile. Great review.