Thursday 2 January 2014

My Book Resolutions 2014

I have read so many different books since starting my book blog at the end of May last year and this year I wanted to set myself some goals.

1. Read 110 books. My goal last year was 90 and I managed to read 96, so have increased my goal this year. 

2. Finish reading all current book review copies and write a review for them by February.

3. Read at least one of my own bought books a month.

4. Give more books a chance rather than just reading the blurb and dismissing it.

5. This one is blogger related, but I want to be more interactive on people's blogs by posting comments and helping them out.

6. Another blog related one is to write more than just reviews on my blog, like discussions and when I get tagged in something to actually find the time to do it.

So those are my bookish goals for 2014. I really want to stick by them, especially for reading and reviewing review copies as I want to be as organised as possible this year :)


  1. Some great challenges there sweetie I hope you reach your goals mwahhhhh xxx

    1. Thank you lovely and happy new year to you :) xxxx

  2. Good goals and I have no doubt you'll meet them!! xo