Thursday 21 November 2013

There's More to Life Than Cupcakes

Ellie Redford has a husband, a job and a home. According to the rest of the world, it’s baby o’clock already. Shame life doesn’t come with a recipe…

Ellie knows that starting a family with lovely husband Pete would be an amazing adventure. Pete would make a brilliant dad and she’d have an excuse to eat shed loads of Cherry Bakewell. But Ellie’s bestie would rather she was up at 3am with a bottle of Malibu, not formula. And with redundancies looming, Ellie’s boss isn’t exactly going to throw her a shower if she disappears for a year, with pay. 

While Ellie juggles her feelings (and everyone else’s) as competently as a drunken clown, she finds herself signing up for a baking class, alongside the young, free and sizzling hot Joe. As they work buns and shape tarts, is there more to their friendship than a shared appreciation of Paul Hollywood? 

Ellie’s souffl├ęs may be rising, but her personal life is one big soggy mess. If she doesn't make a decision soon, she may just lose everything that matters to her. Maybe it's time to take off the pinny and face up to the truth: there’s more to life than cupcakes.

I will start off by straight away saying, I am so glad this novel had a baby focus, rather than a single thirty something looking for love. I have read far too many novels with that storyline so this was incredibly refreshing, not to mention hilarious!

Ellie is pretty happy with her lot in life. She has a wonderful husband, a nice home and an OK job. But the big question from Ellie's family is, when is she going to get pregnant? Ellie knows that this is what Pete wants, but Ellie just doesn't feel ready. Cracked nipples is just one of the things putting Ellie off, ouch! She even starts a blog asking for other women's thoughts, but maybe Ellie is happy being sprogless, but then again her biological clock is ticking!

Ellie is such a brilliant character and I warmed to her instantly. Although a baby is far off from being on my agenda, my sister recently had a baby and has had me feeling like a second Mum at times, so I definitely could relate to Ellie's worries and the things putting her off having a baby. Babies are exhausting, but at the same time absolutely adorable and never fail to put a smile on anyone's face. I think Ellie is a character that a lot of women can relate to or you will have a friend like her in your circle of friends.

Can I marry Pete please?! He has got to be the best fictional husband ever! His and Ellie's relationship is so genuinely loving and they both 'get' each other completely, and it was so nice that their relationship was established and not the main storyline. Ellie friends Lydia, Jules and Hannah were also brilliant secondary characters and you instantly gel with them. This is all down to Poppy's brilliant writing style. I don't think a novel has had me laughing out loud so much in ages.

For me I took a message from this story and that is not to put off facing things. Don't bury your head in the sand as the issue will still be there; you especially cannot hide in your cupcake baking ;). Face up to it straight away and you will avoid a lot of worry and drama!

This was so funny and a real feel good book. Guaranteed to have you laughing out loud!


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