Thursday 31 October 2013

Halloween Feature: Short Story from Kirsty

The final part of my Halloween feature is a short story from the ever so funny Kirsty! 

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

I cried last night, I had never known such evil existed until I looked into his eyes and saw it staring back.
How was I to know that I'd ended up marrying the devil!

When we first met he was sweet, charming and handsome. Not your run of the mill handsome, think Ryan Gosling handsome and now imagine viewing him through beer goggles, that's my Greg!
Greg, not really the name you conjure up when you picture the spawn of satan, but it turns out that Damien is his middle name, in honour of his grandfather.
Who would've thought that even in hell, they keep up with traditions, obviously we didn't have a church wedding, it was a town hall ceremony with 400 of our close friends and family. It felt to me like a wedding out of The Godfather movies, I guess it all makes sense now.

I should really start from the beginning, fill you in on how I got to this moment!

I met Greg on my 25th birthday at a cocktail bar in town, it was an underground exclusive club and one of the barristers at work knew the owner.
I was extremely tipsy and the red walls had sent my senses into overdrive, so as I stumbled from the ladies toilets I was shocked to feel boiling hot hands steady me by grabbing my shoulders, as I looked up into the most intense eyes I've ever discovered, I felt my stomach dip and my whole body burned under his stare.
"Excuse me, but you are exceptionally beautiful" came the husky voice, "I could not allow you to hurt yourself, please allow me to escort you to your table"
From that moment on, I was hooked. It was almost as though I was under a spell. Greg was my drug and I needed more.

I didn't know about the family business, I suppose I kept my eyes closed to what was happening around me.
At first I only noticed all the good things about dating Greg, we would go to fancy restaurants and be treated like royalty, if I commented on how great a bag, shoes, dress were, I would get them and people were constantly nice to us.
It was like being in a Hollywood movie and the night he proposed, well that was magical. A horse drawn carriage in Central Park, champagne and the most gorgeous solitaire cut diamond ring I've ever seen.

Soon I was planning my wedding and giving the wedding planner just two months notice to get this huge event organised, she objected at first but then she met Greg and suddenly the wedding was going to plan.

6 months after my birthday, I married the man I loved and that's when things started to change.
On the wedding night, there was fireworks in and out of the bedroom, but the next morning I woke to the strangest news, there had been a warehouse fire in town and all the bodies discovered were ex boyfriends of mine, even Tommy my boyfriend from nursery school
Other than Greg, there was not one person alive who I had kissed!

Then a girl who bulled me at school was found dead on the railway track, with the words sorry, burnt into her hands.
Within two weeks of my wedding 35 people I knew had turned up dead, I couldn't shake the feeling it had something to do with me.
My best friend wouldn't talk to me, my family stayed away.

It all came to a head last night, after I discovered my old diary in Greg's briefcase and it was marked out like a hit list.
I challenged Greg and that's when it all came out, I had married the heir to hell, my mother in law wasn't just the metaphorical devil and my father in law purchased souls for a living.
I worked for a barristers office, I was a law abiding citizen. admittedly I'm not much of a church goer but now I could never enter religious grounds again.
How did I not realise I was married to the devil? Ok so he doesn't have horns and a tail  and the only fork I've ever seen him use was at the dinner table but surely there was clues.
I told him, I was leaving him. I couldn't stay married to him and that's when he looked me in the eyes and said "Darling, it's only for 7 months and then I will make sure you never have to see me again" with that he placed a hand on my stomach and winked!

Thank you so much Kirsty! What a fantastic story! I got so carried away this I want to read more to find out what happens!!!!

Where you can find Kirsty:

Twitter: @loveofagoodbook

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