Wednesday 30 October 2013

Halloween Feature: Mr Tickle and the Scary Halloween by Roger Hargreaves

Today I have the ever so lovely Louise and her daughter Pippa with their review of Mr Tickle and the Scary Halloween.

This is a joint review between myself and Pippa (who is 2 years and 10 months old).

The story follows the adventures of Mr Tickle who is fed up that Little Miss Scary is making Halloween so scary for everyone in town and hatches a plan to bring the fun back into Halloween.  He decides to follow Little Miss Scary when she goes to play scary tricks on people and hide.  Whenever she begins to play a trick, he uses his wonderfully long arms to tickle Little Miss Scary and so she ends up laughing.  This means that nobody is at all scared of Little Miss Scary and end up laughing at her.  At the end of the evening Little Miss Scary is walking home when she bumps into Mr Tickle who lets Little Miss Scary know about his own brand of “tickle treating”.

This was a lovely book with a special limited edition glow in the dark cover which amused Pippa greatly.  The story was just the right length to keep a 2 year old’s attention and the wonderful, vibrant illustrations were very popular, especially Mr Tickle with his wonderfully long and tickly arms.  All in all a fantastic way to introduce Halloween to a younger audience and has inspired me and Pippa to maybe do our own “tickle treating” this Halloween!

4 pumpkins out of 5

This sounds like an awesome awesome book! And it shows that Halloween doesn't have to be scary! Thanks so much for stopping by Lousie and Pippa!

You can chat to the lovely Louise on her Twitter page: @jaustenrulesok

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