Monday 23 September 2013

Somebody to Love by Sheryl Browne blog stop


After that idiot of a husband ran off with that broomstick of a girl, single-mom Donna thinks there's no sunshine in her future. What she needs now is a hunk of a guy who loves her and her three-legged dog with no complications.

Solution? Call the police.

Mark is a single dad with two big worries – protect and serve, and his autistic son Karl. Desperately he wants someone who'll love him and his son without question and with no complications. He's been hurt before and Karl needs stability – not short dates. So he'll do anything for his kid – even lie to protect him.

Can these two get it together and get together? Is Mark the hunk Donna needs? Is Donna the rock Mark can lean on? If they look hard enough, they'll find Somebody to Love.


I have read quite a lot of romance novels recently and this one did not disappoint. When Donna meets Mark, sparks definitely fly, but Mark is frightened of scaring Donna off with having an autistic son, so he hides this fact from her. Donna on the other hand has extremely low self esteem, recently coming out of a horrible marriage with her now ex-husand Jeremy, who really is a slime ball. So apart from Jeremy, all the characters were really lovely and each had their own interesting parts to play.

I really felt for Donna as she had such low self-esteem. No man should ever make a woman feel like that and I wanted her to see that Mark really did like her and she should not have kept pushing him away. It was very silly of Mark to hide his son from Donna. I know they had both had previously bad experiences, but they both needed to realise that not everyone is the same.

Mark was genuinely a really nice man. He was incredibly kind and caring and he had me wishing that I could find my own Mark. His son Karl having autism spectrum disorder was something I do not know much about so found it so absorbing. It was heartbreaking at times and was really moved by Karl's relationship with his assistance dog.

I must also mention Donna's pets Findus the rabbit and Sadie the three legged dog. I particularly liked Findus as I've had a rabbit myself who is now living with my Auntie. I think Animal lovers will definitely like this element as it's rare that stories show the loving relationships between humans and animals , so this stuck in my mind.

Overall this is a heartbreaking, funny and emotional read; greatly enjoyed!



  1. Oh, Laura!! Thank you so much for your lovely review!! I didn't find this one difficult to write (I love Karl and his animal friends so much too (yes, and Mark ;) ), but I did worry about getting the detail and balance just right, for obvious reasons. This is why reviews mean so very much to me. I am totally thrilled!!! Thank you, again, for taking the time to read - I am soooooo glad you enjoyed. :) xxx

    1. Hi Sheryl, you really are most welcome. It was such a lovely easy read. You definitely got the balance right :). Wonderful story :) xxx