Sunday 31 October 2021

Underneath the Christmas Tree by Heidi Swan

Ahh don't you just love this time of year! I honestly cannot get enough, lots of excuses for cosy nights in reading and all the cosy Christmas books starting coming out. My first Christmas read of the year was Underneath the Christmas Tree by Heidi Swan, and it had everything and more that I want from a book at this time of year. Read on for my full review.


Liza hasn't been back to Wynter's Trees Christmas farm in years as since her Dad passed away, it holds too many memories. With her Father's friend set to retire from the farm, she had no choice but to go back and help with the transition over to his son, Ned. Upon arriving, she realises just how much heart and soul Ned has out into the business. She finds she's happy to help out whilst the transition takes place, but then she has other plans, plans that don't involve Wynter's Trees. But can her mind be changed and will she fall in love again with the place she once grew up?

Oh this was the perfect Christmas read, I felt thoroughly festive whilst reading this and set on a Christmas Tree farm of all places! It has me hankering to pick our tree this year and I am definitely keen to rent one rather than buy this year - such a great idea.

My standard favourite reads tend to be historical or fantasy, but at this time of year, I just want all the cosy, Christmassy happy reads and Underneath the Christmas Tree ticked all the boxes. I loved the setting, the characters, the Christmas spirit - I wish I could go visit as it sounded just perfect.

Definitely add Underneath the Christmas Tree to your Christmas reading list, grab a hot drink, cosy blanket, light the candles and prepare to feel all festive.

A wonderful, happy, super Christmassy read I fell in love with instantly.

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