Thursday 17 June 2021

The Sun Is Both A Friend And An Enemy

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the breeze feels great. When we have this kind of weather, it's tempting to be carefree and just enjoy the finer things of mother nature. Up to 80% of skin damage is due to the sun. it's not alcohol, smoking or late nights. The sun is the number one culprit that seriously harms your skin. And yet, we’ve also been told by medical experts that 30-45 minutes of sunshine a day is necessary to have healthy skin. Yes, the vitamin E your skin absorbs is good. Too much of a good thing is bad though. So here is how you can fight sun damage.

Protect yourself

Get a hat

Since when did hats go out of fashion? It's vital that you can cool your head when there are seriously hot days. When there are no clouds visible and there is virtually no shade where you’re going, i.e. shopping or walking the dog; then you must wear a hat. A straw flower hat is a great option because it's beachy, a symbol of sunny weather and it can fold and mold around the edge. Bend the hat to your desired shape and protect your head, face and neck from direct sunlight. If you don’t have a sun hat, wear anything; even a baseball cap is better than nothing!

Makeup and sunscreen

There's a shortage of options when it comes to sunscreen but what about makeup that has been designed for this time of year? This whipped foundation is a blend of makeup and SPF-rated protective sunscreen. It will nourish your skin, match your exact skin complexion and yet, it's also SPF-30. And because it's a whipped foundation, it will absorb quickly and help your pores to stay hydrated. The formula also has nutrients and minerals, which help your skin to stay bouncy. Most of all, it's not going to make your skin shine as if it's oily.

Vitamin E and C

The best vitamins for skincare against sun damage are vitamin E and C. Vitamin E is by far the most important. It gives your skin the strength it needs to stop from being separated. When the sun’s UV rays hit your skin, the natural oils tend to dry up and the skin begins to shrink. When this occurs, it feels like your skin is pulling itself apart. This is how you get cracks, lines, crows feet etc. Vitamin E by not allowing this to happen. Vitamin C helps your skin’s collagen production which is the structure of your skin. Vitamin C helps to keep your skin rigid i.e. less likely to crack. Find this vitamin in your food such as fruits but you should also take vitamin C tablets if you can.

The sun is both the darling of our skin and it's worst enemy. Too much of a good thing like sunshine will damage your skin beyond repair. So be vigilant, carry SPF-rated sunscreens with you all the time, wear a hat and eat vitamin E and C. 

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