Friday 25 June 2021

Review: The Island Home by Libby Page

Happy Friday at last book lovers. Am I glad the weekend is so nearly here! To help celebrate, I am delighted to be the next stop on the tour for The Island Home by Libby Page. Read on for my full review.


Although rooted in sadness and heartache, The Island Home was a wonderfully uplifting read and just the kind of read I was looking for.

Lorna left the Isle of Kip a long time ago, 22 years to be exact and she has never looked back. Now it’s just her and her 14-year-old daughter Ella, and that’s all that matters. But little did she know that Ella had been doing some digging and now she finds herself travelling back to the Isle of Kip and back to face some of those ghosts from her past.

Alice on the other hand is happy on the tiny Island of Kip, having moved there to be with Jack. She loves the yoga classes she hosts and the wonderful community. And now with Lorna coming back to the island to see Jack after all this time, will Alice’s family finally be able to mend themselves?

I had so many questions when I first started reading this, the main and obvious one being why had Lorna left the island all those years ago? What had happened and why hadn’t she tried to go back? I was very intrigued and it was part of the reason I kept on reading.

The other main draw was the sense of community on the Isle of Kip. I love stories that bring people together, the camaraderie they have with one another, their kindness and willingness to help one another, leapt out of the page at me. It made me want to move somewhere just like it.

Libby writes a comforting and believable story, with every introduction of a new character, I fell in love with the island just that little bit more. She also portrays the awkwardness and  difficulties Lorna faces upon returning to the island really well, especially when it came to her brother Jack.

An uplifting story, full of heart.

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