Monday 31 May 2021

Threadneedle by Cari Thomas

My most anticipated read of the year is finally here. I have been teased since last year of this books imminent release, having preordered way back in November last year. If you haven't heard hide or tail of this book then I hope you will now. Read on for my full review.


London is a city filled with magic, but magic is a sin and it must be bound. Anna has grown up with her strict Aunt who has always warned Anna about the dangers of magic and she must never dabble. She has spent her life training to be a Binder - those that believe magic should be bound. However as her binding approaches, unexpected events and friendships might just change her mind.

I fell in love with Threadneedle from the very first page. I had been a huge reading slump for a month and I'm delighted that my most anticipated read of 2021 got me out of it. Anything to do with magic intrigues me and Cari Thomas spun a new angle with Anna and the Binders. I felt an instant affinity with Anna and desperately wanted her to escape her Aunt's clutches and be her own person.

I usually find that modern day witches and witchcraft don't work so well in a modern day setting, but Cari absolutely nailed it. The two worked seamlessly together. I kept expecting it to feel jarring or unnatural, but it wasn't like this at all. 

What else can I say about this brilliant book without giving more away? It's unputdownable, enchanting and enthralling. I'm so glad this is only the start to the series as I cannot get enough.

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