Monday 10 May 2021

Book Review: The End of Men by Christina Sweeney

Ugh this book was so good! I am so pleased I got to read it and a thank you to Anne from Random House Tours and Harper Collins for sending me a copy. Read on for why you have to read this book.


This book blew my mind. Where do I even begin? The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world, but magnify this one hundred fold. Imagine a virus that only affects men, and women are the carriers. It's the year 2025 and Dr Amanda McClean has started to see a terrifying pattern in the men who are brought in to hospital and die very quickly upon admittance. Amanda alerts others in the medical profession, but is dismissed as hysterical with disastrous consequences...

The End of Men would have packed a punch whether I had read it before or after the current pandemic, but the difference pre pandemic would have had me feeling save in my na├»ve knowledge that it would be so unlikely to happen. Post pandemic, I am praying to all the gods it never ever happens again and certainly not on the scale of The End of Men. 

This was an morbidly fascinating account of what the world would be like if we lost 90% of men. How we would cope, what jobs we would have to take on, rationing and how we would have to pick up the pieces.

I have kept this review short as this is a book you just have to read. Easily my favourite book of 2021!

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