Thursday 25 March 2021

Book Review: The Girls From Alexandria by Carol Cooper

I may not be able to travel at the moment, but thank goodness for books that make that possible. The Girls From Alexandria transported me to Egypt from the 1950's to present day, plus sprinkling some intrigue and unanswered questions throughout. Read on for my full review.


At seventy years old and alone, Nadia has found herself in a London hospital with a fractured memory and inability to stand on her own two feet. The only thing she does remember is that she has a sister and that sister has been missing for over 50 years. She knows she's out there somewhere, but the only clues she has are some cryptic postcards that her sister sent her throughout the years. Now more determined than ever and with the worry that she will lose her memories forever, Nadia makes one last attempt to find her.

The Girls From Alexandria was a really evocative story. I truly felt transported to Egypt despite never having actually been. The timeline and the changes that come to Alexandria through the 1950's to present day were depicted really well. Even though we had the duel timeline, it was the parts of the story set in Alexandria I enjoyed the most. 

This is more of a slow burn than a fast paced thriller and I think the focus is more historical with an element of mystery thrown in, and being a historical fiction lover, this worked well for me. I was fascinated by Egypt and its culture and I loved learning more about this (for me) unchartered territory.

I would have liked a longer ending when we had gotten to the crux of the story, but apart from that this was an enjoyable read. I like how we are pulled along by the sense of intrigue of what exactly had happened to Simone and what message was she trying to tell Nadia through the postcards.

An evocative, intriguing read.

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