Tuesday 10 November 2020

Blog Tour: The Pretenders by Agatha Zaza

It's another day, which means another book review from me. I'm so happy I have got my reading mojo back this year and have read over 50 books, whereas last year I only managed 20. Today's review is for The Pretenders by Agatha Zaza. This is Agatha's debut and it's fantastically written. Read on for my full review.


This story was so not what I was expecting. It was an intricate slow burner of a novel that requires your full attention as the author gradually peels away the layers of each of the characters to reveal who they truly are. It also begs the question, are we all pretenders?

On the surface you would think that Jasper, Holly, Anne, John, Ovidia and Edmund were normal people. Jasper and Holly are newly engaged and want to share the new with Jasper's brother Edmund. John and Anne have also come along for the surprise. However Edmund and Ovidia had other plans for the day and soon the lies and secrets they have all been hiding from one another unwittingly start to come to light with devastating consequences...

After initially finding the story a little confusing and trying to get my head around the characters and what relation they were to one another, I soon became fascinated with what exactly they were all holding back and what Ovidia and Edmund really had planned. 

The sense of anticipation and the tension between the couples was palpable. I wanted to know what secrets they each had to uncover. There are some shocking revelations to be had, but please be patient when first reading, I promise it will be worth it.

Overall some brilliant storytelling from Agatha Zaza with that constant sense of unease as to what will unfold.

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