Tuesday 27 October 2020

Book Review: Witch by Finbar Hawkins

I am so excited to be the second stop on the Witch blog tour today sharing my review. Firstly I must mention the beautiful and very apt for the season cover for this. How absolutely stunning and it really encapsulates the atmosphere of the whole book. Read on for my review.


Witch is the perfect autumn/Halloween read and I read it within a day – it was that good.

Set in 17th century England, this was not a favourable time to be a woman, particularly if you were a witch or even thought to be a witch. Witch hunters were rife and they were the cruellest type of man around as 15-year old Evey horrifyingly discovers when she witnesses the callous murder of her Mother. Evey vows to get her revenge of these men at whatever cost, but she has sworn to her Mother that she will look after her little sister Dill. Fuelled by an intense jealousy of her little sister and she manages to leave her with the coven where their Aunt is. However not everyone is who they first appear and suddenly the risks Evey is about to take become much much higher.

Despite it taking me a little while to get my head around some of the language and way of speaking, it wasn’t long until I had wrapped my head around it and found that it really added to the sense of the time and place that Witch takes place.

Witch was incredibly atmospheric and dark in its storytelling. I truly felt as if I had been transported to another time.

Even though this was a really quick read and one for the YA genre, do not be deceived as this deals with some very dark topics. The first few pages shocked me to my core, especially as I am under no illusion that this type of treatment of women in the 17th century.

A fantastic read about the power of women and sisterhood and magick too.

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