Wednesday 21 October 2020

All Your Little Lies by Marianne Holmes

Agora Books are one of my favourite publishers and their next delight of a read they sent me for review was All Your Little Lies by Marianne Holmes.


Annie lives in the quiet village of Westgate, her life is a quiet one, she goes to work and home again and occasionally sees her one and only friend Lauren. She also has a huge crush on her boss at work, but when it becomes clear that her feelings aren't reciprocated and she is forced to leave the work conference, Annie, angry, decides to break into his flat. In the morning she realises what a stupid thing it was to do and not only that, the morning paper shows her the last image of a missing girl and not only that, but that Annie may have been the last person to see her.

Annie being eager to help, decides that she must help with the search in finding the missing girl. She just wants to prove her worth to everyone, but in doing so, she suddenly finds herself becoming a suspect.

At first I found Annie's social awkwardness really infuriating with her inappropriate comments and badly timed and thought out ideas, but as the story progresses, I could see that she really did just want to help and her lack of interaction with other people may have made her the way she is. It was this awkwardness that I could see getting her into trouble.

This story is less about finding out who did it, but finding out what exactly Annie is hiding from. It becomes clear fairly early on that she is an unreliable narrator. There is also another storyline running alongside Annie's that gets darker and darker the further we get into the story. The significance is unclear at first and I was frustrated with Annie most of the way, but it starts to make more sense as you go.

More of a slow burner, but one that gets better as you go.

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