Thursday 2 July 2020

Monstrous Souls Blog Tour

I was so excited when the lovely Agora Books asked if I wanted to be part of the blog tour for Monstrous Souls. They are a publisher who for every book I have read of theirs, I have loved and Monstrous Souls was no exception. Read on for my review of this fantastic thriller.


Montrous Souls had me hooked from the very first page. Rebecca's narrative had me in her clutches from very beginning to end. 

Heidi was the victim of a viscious attack fifteen years ago which landed her in hospital, her sister missing and her best friend dead. Since the attack Heidi has slowly built her life back together but because of her injuries she cannot remember anything from that fatal day and the investigation was halted. However all these years later, Heidi is starting to remember. As she begins digging into her past and getting ever closer to the truth, the more danger she is putting herself in.

This was super dark, twisted, incredibly atmospheric and emotional story. I actually can't believe this is a debut as it was crafted so well and written like a seasoned thriller writer. 

The multi-narrative viewpoints and timeframes really added to that tense atmosphere, and the need to find out the truth became all consuming. Each of the characters and storylines were well put together, so as a reader there was no stone left unturned.

Monstrous Souls was a gritty, addictive tale with dark themes that were dealt with sensitively but still with a shocking impactfulness.

Blog post part of the Monstrous Souls Blog Tour

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  1. Ooh I love a thriller that has you hooked from page one. Definitely adding this to the TBR!