Thursday 28 May 2020

His and Hers, the gripping new thriller from Alice Feeney

I am a huge Alice Feeney fan having fallen in love with her debut Sometimes I Lie  a few years ago. Her next book was I Know Who You Are, which I also loved but didn't quite live up to my love of Sometimes I Lie. Fast forward to now and Alice releases His and Hers and I think I loved it, if not more than her debut!

Murders are a rarity in Blackdown so when a woman is found murdered, Journalist Anna is asked to cover the case, but she is reluctant to do so, having wanted to have left certain things behind there. Her ex-husband DCI Jack has also been assigned to the investigation and he is very quickly becoming suspicious of Anna's involvement, until he becomes a suspect himself.
Someone is lying, but the question is who?
Alice knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat with her thrillers. I raced through this in a couple of days. I love how deliciously dark and slightly hateful her characters are and they always have a sinister backstory.
Written in a dual narrative dubbed Him and Her, you find yourself constantly looking for clues as to who the culprit could be, especially as we are also treated to the murderer's point of view in-between and I was always trying to look for hints as to whether it could have been Anna or Jack.
Anna was the character I had the most interest in. It always felt like she was the one hiding the most and it definitely felt like she had more of a story to tell. But the question always was, was she really hiding something or was she telling the truth.
As always with Alice's books she is always ten steps ahead of you and you never know who is telling the truth and who isn't. Are they deceitful characters? Who knows, only Alice knows.
His and Hers was another fantastic, all consuming thriller that will shock you and throw plot twist after plot twist at you.
His and Hers is out now
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