Wednesday 29 April 2020

Blogger Blast: Q by Christina Dalcher

Having read and loved Vox, Christina Dalcher’s electrifying debut last year; I could not wait to read her next book Q.


In Christina’s new disturbing book, only the perfect will survive… Elena is a teacher at a silver school, one of the most elite schools. Everyone is given a Q score determining their worth. Every month students and teachers must undergo rigorous test to determine their worth. If they dip below a certain level, they go to a green school and then the dreaded yellow state schools, meaning more effort can go to the gifted. As long as it’s not happening to them, all is well, that is until Elena’s youngest fails her test and is sent to a yellow school. Elena has told herself that it isn’t about eugenics until she decides to fail her own test and go after her daughter and she is about to discover something far more terrifying that she had truly let herself believe.

This was another I have to keep reading and not sleep book. Christina knows how to keep the pace going in her books and I whizzed through this in a few evenings. 

Q was such a disturbing read, especially with references to real happenings not all that long ago. Once again you can imagine something like this happening in our modern day lives which is what made it all the more for a terrifying read.

The only gripe I had was I found some of the dialogue a little strange and the main character’s inner thoughts didn’t always sit right with the flow of the story. However that didn’t stop me from reading at break neck speed to find out what would happen next.

Q is out tomorrow and if you liked Vox, I think you will like this.

Part of the Q blogger blast


  1. Thank you for the book recommendation. I was out of things to read and this might be what I'm looking for. What about The Choice? Recommended?

    1. The Choice is excellent too but I think the Q is slightly better executed.