Wednesday 8 January 2020

The Choice by Claire Wade Blog Tour

A belated Happy New Year all! I am excited to be sharing my first book review and read of the year, which I have to say has been an absolute cracker. I could not put this one down! Find out why this is one for the TBR pile below.


One of my favourite book genres is dystopian. I love getting into a gritty alternate world where the things we once took for granted are very suddenly and very quickly whipped away from us. The Choice is a modern day dystopia where sugar is completely and utterly banned. Everyone must attend mandatory exercise classes and if you don't get enough steps in for the day there's no TV airtime for you. The government monitor your every move; from what you put in the bin to what food you order on your shop, to how many calories you have eaten that day. And there's absolutely no room for slacking. Make one wrong move and you disappear for ever.

For seven long years, Olivia has always abided by the rules, but she like many has had enough. The question is does she finally toe the line and fight for her freedom...?

Apologies for the cliched expression, but I literally could not put this book down. Even when I was absolutely shattered and really needed an early night, I ended up staying up until gone midnight as I needed to know what was going to happen.

After reading The Choice, I can 100% see why Claire won The Goodhousekeeping novel competition in 2018, this is a fantastic book. The tension is palpable, it keeps you on your toes and your heart racing in places as the risks and suspense mount.

The most scary thing about this though is it didn't feel that far off from our own reality of what could be. I started imagining myself in Olivia's situation and trying to imagine what I would do. Would I keep my head down and my family 'safe' or fight back against a dangerous system that could seriously damage my children in the long run?

With Handmaid's Tale esque vibes, The Choice is still very much a story in it's own right and I think I may have even preferred.

The very definition of gripping, this was a fantastic read to start of my 2020 reading. I can't wait for what more Claire has in store.

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