Monday 1 April 2019

Blog tour: Star Crossed by Minnie Darke

This book really surprised me in that it was even better than I expected. I'm not usually one for love stories, but with Star Crossed's focus on astrology it gave the story a unique and refreshing twist that I hadn't experienced in modern day love stories before.


Justine (Sagittarius) is training to be a journalist at the Alexandria Park Star magazine. Having been a copyrunner for years, she finally gets her small break when she is offered the role of Contributions Manager which means she makes sure everything is perfect before it goes to print. When she bumps into her old friend Nick (Aquarius), old flames begin to stir. Hearing that Nick is really into his stars and particularly the horoscopes of contributing editor of the horoscopes of Alexandria Park, Justine decides to tweak the stars for him. I mean what harm could it possibly do....

For me to really like a book, one of the main elements has to be great characters and Star Crossed was full of them. The central focus was still around Justine and Nick, but there were loads of fantastic secondary characters including a dog who had been affected by Justine's meddling of the stars how they had each been impacted.

Despite having her heart in the right place, I got hugely frustrated with Justine tweaking the Aquarius horoscope. She was such an intelligent person, I didn't think she would do it. Once I could forgive her but not the other times. You just never know who is taking the horoscope seriously and she had worked so hard to get to where she was, it seemed such a silly thing to do to jeopardise that. However this didn't manage to detract from the overall story. I loved the relationships between each of the characters including the humour and the 'oh so awkward' moments. It felt like real life and I think that was another reason I fell in love with it so much.

I used to read my horoscopes all the time and hope that success, or luck or love was heading my way, as I got older, I lost interest but since reading Star Crossed I'm fascinated by it all again and have started reading my horoscopes like I used to.

A unique, funny and fantastically put together story. One that I could easily read again.

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