Tuesday 8 January 2019

Blog Tour: My Name is Anna by Lizzy Barber

My Name is Anna is Lizzy Barber's debut novel and it was the winner of the Daily Mail crime writing competition. After reading I could quickly see why. I'm also really excited that she is hard at work on her next thriller. 


My Name is Anna is one of those novels that I knew I was going to like instantly from the first few pages. Split into a dual narrative between Anna who lives in Florida with her religious Mother and Emily who lives in London and lives in the constant shadow of her missing older sister, 

Anna loves her Mother dearly, but she is also fearful of her. She's not like the other Mum's, she's hugely overprotective of Anna but she isn't motherly. Anna lives under strict rules and you never know what punishment her Mamma could deliver next. Anna has got more rebellious as she has got older though and on her 18th birthday despite her Mamma saying she is never allowed to go, Anna goes to the adventure park Astroland. It's while she is there that she just knows that she has been there before, but how? To add to her confusion she also receives a letter that questions everything she has ever known, or thought she knew...

Gripping from start to finish, My Name is Anna is a perfect read to get your teeth into. Although it may seem obvious what the outcome is very early on, don't let this fool you as there are more sinister characters involved as we delve deeper into the book and that's what made this stand out for me.

Addictive, gripping and darker than you expect, I'm looking forward to Lizzy's next thriller.

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