Sunday 30 December 2018

Blog Tour: She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell

Looking for your next 2019 thriller? She Was the Quiet One is full of betrayals, lies and scandal and is a read that will have you hooked throughout. Need more convincing? Read on for my full review.


She Was the Quiet One starts with an instantly gripping first line: "They locked her in the infirmary and took away her phone and anything she might use to harm herself- or someone else." Cue me getting sucked into a very twisted and intricate story about twins Rose and Bel Enright.

Bel and Rose may be twins but they not only look different, they are complete polar opposites. Finding themselves orphaned, they reach out to their only remaining relative, their estranged, wealthy Grandmother who agrees to take them in. She sends them off to Odell the prestigious boarding school. Rose is excited and can't wait, but Bel just wants her old life back and she instantly falls in with the wrong crowd. This sets the cogs in motion for the devastating events that ensue for both girls at Odell.

Becoming darker and more sinister at each turn of the page, She Was the Quiet One explores the deep complexities of sisterhood, adulthood and how a scandal can turn a small community upside down. It was painful but fascinating to read how the relationship between two sisters could take such a nosedive and so quickly. How underlying jealousies can come to the surface and have such negative consequences, not just between the sisters themselves but those around them.

The setting of the boarding school suited the story really well, boarding schools are notorious for rules and regulations that are just asking to be broken, the type of people it attracts and of course the odd scandal here and there.  There's just something about their culture that breeds all these things.

The twist at the end was really unexpected and gave the story and solid, satisfying ending.

Full of deception, betrayal and lies, She Was the Quiet One constantly leaves you wondering who you can really trust.

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