Thursday 1 November 2018

Blog Tour: The Witches of St Petersberg by Imogen Edward-Jones

Today brings my fourth blog tour in my marathon blog tour week! Today it's all about The Witches of St Petersberg by Imogen Edward-Jones and if you have an interest in the Romanovs then this is the book for you.


If you have ever watched the cartoon film Anastasia or even seen it on broadway, then this story may be for you as this is a different take on the Romanov family and focuses specifically on the Black Princesses and the role they played within the Romanov family.

Considered outcasts by Russian society Militiza and Stana are such named the Black Princesses as they are fascinated by the occult. Despite their status as Princesses they are constantly shunned from Russian high society and whenever the venture out the whisperings and cries of the smell of goat, due to them being from Montenegro are never far behind them. But when the new Tsar and Tsarina come into power the Tsarina quickly takes a liking to the sisters and their statuses become elevated as they become one of the few in the Tsarina's intimate circle. The pressure for the Tsarina for produce an heir becomes the sister's main priority and they use their spiritualism and connection with the dark arts to help her and of course stay in their elevated position of power. As the jealously in the court increases and the Tsarina's continuous failure to produce an heir rests on their shoulder's you can't help but think their power and influence will very soon run out.

I have always had an interest in the Romanov's and particularly Rasputin's involvement, so am always keen to get another perspective. What I really liked about The Witches of St Petersberg was the clear amount of detail and historical research that had gone into writing this novel.  The Russian imperial court really came alive in my mind's eye. I also found the Black Princesses dealings with the other side deeply creepy but hugely fascinating. It added to that constant sense of peril that the Romanov's were heading towards.

A brilliant mix of fact and fiction that is a novel to take your time over and not to rush.

Haunting, mystical and darkly magical.

Part of The Witches of St Petersberg blog tour

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