Monday 29 October 2018

Blog Tour: The Light Between Worlds by Laura Weymouth

The Light Between Worlds is beautifully lyrical story from Laura Weymouth. A story that really got to me. I am therefore delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for this book with my full review.


We all read stories where our heroines escape to another world, but what about when they come back? What happens then? How do they adjust? After 5 years in the Woodlands where Evelyn, Phillipa and Jamie became heroes, they are suddenly thrust back into the world they left. Back to the horrors of World War Two and children once again.

This story hurt, I won't lie. It was stunningly written by the author and not a word was wasted but my goodness does Evelyn's story hit home. She can't find her light, she wants to be back in the Woodlands where she feels she truly belongs, but after 5 years of waiting to go back, she can't see this happening and she can't let go. Told in dual narrative, we flit between Evelyn now and Evelyn's life in the Woodlands and every little thing reminds her of her past life. It was painful to read her pain and her struggle to find her happiness in a world she no longer feels she belongs to. The Light Between Worlds therefore has a big focus on mental health and as someone who only came out the other side last year, Evelyn's story really resonated with me. It was also sad to read when people around her got fed up with her and just expected her to move on and forget it all. Depression doesn't work like this, you can't just put a plaster on and it and wait for it to heal

One particular scene called out to me where Phillipa is staring at Rembrandt's painting A Woman Bathing in a Stream, where she looks happy, calm and serene. But what if it's all for show? How can we really tell what a person is thinking or feeling and this very much resonates with the Instagram world of today. We only show the happy side of our lives, or the front we put on. 

Despite the melancholy tone, The Light Between Worlds was a story I couldn't take my eyes from. It is character driven rather than plot driven, but the author's words were just so lyrical that you find yourself carried on regardless.

The Light Between the Worlds is out November 1st

This post was part of The Light Between the Worlds blog tour

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