Tuesday 7 August 2018

Blog Tour: The Rules of Seeing by Jo Heap

The rules of seeing

If there ever was a thought provoking book it was this one. It's amazing how you can go about your life and still not understand so much, cue a book that really will get you looking at the world in a completely different light.


Nova has been blind her whole life. It's all she has ever known and she has been content with that and adapted to life in her own way. When a miracle operation comes her way giving her the chance to see, her journey is about to begin all over again. 

I never realised just how much we take our sight for granted until I read The Rules of Seeing. I have never thought of seeing as a type of language, but hearing it from Nova's point of view you suddenly grasp just how complicated a language that seeing is. There are so many colours, shapes, objects, objects that aren't objects, faces, names, transparent, translucent, opaque. It was actually fascinating to read and the author really gets across the difficulty Nova faces trying to effectively 'learn' to see. You don't just suddenly see, there is so much to comprehend. 

I really felt for Nova whilst reading, she is a character that you instantly have an inherent understanding and sympathy for her. It is through her operation that Nova meets Kate. Kate is a woman who seems to have it all, the perfect life and husband but things are about to come crumbling down around her and her side of the story made for some really difficult reading. The point being made though is that just because you can see, it doesn't always mean that you can see what is right in front of you and it is Nova that gets Kate to open her eyes and really take in what is around her.

The Rules of Seeing is the most thought provoking debut I have read this year and one of those novels that I am so glad I had the opportunity to read.

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