Thursday 7 June 2018

My 20 books of Summer Challenge

It's been ages since I signed up to a reading challenge and not only that, but saw it the whole way through, so when I stumbled across 20 books of summer on twitter, I instantly wanted to get involved. My reading total has been pretty shocking for me this year so I would like to build it up and get my reading hat on this summer. I have some holidays coming up, so I have the perfect excuse to sit down and read. Read on for the books I am aiming to read from now until the end of August.

1. Missing Pieces
2. The Dead Ex
3. Her Name Was Rose
4. Vox
5. In the Dark
6. Believe Me
7. The Way Past Winter
8. Resin
9. Mun Mun
10. Mine
11. The Surface Breaks
12. For the Immortal
13. The Mermaid
14. Zero
15. Are we all Lemmings and Snowflakes
16. While I was Sleeping
17. Last Time I Lied
18. The Story Keeper
19. Shattermoon
20. The Liars Room
That is an epic amount of books and just realised I missed one out in my photo- let me know if you guess which one. I am unsure whether I will get the chance to read all of these, but I have a goal now so we will see how I go. If you also want to get involved in 20 books of Summer, you can do so here.
Update read these books as well:
The Chosen Ones
Brightly Burning
The Rules of Seeing

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