Friday 29 June 2018

Blog Tour: Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan

Her Name Was Rose was an intricate and very detailed psychological thriller that I just couldn't put down. 

Emily witnesses a horrible accident where a woman steps out in front of a car and is killed instantly. She is convinced it should have been her and becomes riddled with guilt. Her guilt quickly turns to obsession. Emily discovers that Rose had the perfect life, the perfect husband, job and family and Emily wants this so badly, so would it be so bad for her to fill the space? 

It's quite rare that I become as highly emotionally involved in a psychological thriller as much as I did with this. I felt an intense sorrow for Emily, she is so lonely and damaged and no one seems to understand her. She just wants someone to love her and I could surprisingly relate to a lot of her emotions. You almost become Emily and as she starts to try and get her life back on track. Then in the other instance you also become Rose when we slowly start to unravel her life and these chapters compelled me on even further.

I loved the detail that went into Her Name Was Rose, the author makes you feel as though you are getting all the information you need, but actually not everything is exactly as it seems. Claire's writing is some of the best I have seen in the thriller genre, you literally could not fault it.

What was the most fantastic thing about this book though was the unreliable characters and how you can't always trust what you see. Not everyone's life is as perfect as you may have been led to believe and I definitely have a very different view about what people post on social media, is everything really as it seems?

This story keeps you guessing right up until the last moment, so don't be fooled into thinking you have sussed it out early on!

A fantastic, psychological thriller that I couldn't put down, more from Claire Allan please!

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