Tuesday 10 April 2018

More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer- a blog tour

More Than We Can tell caught my eye when I saw my fellow blogger friend Zarina from PagetoStageReviews was raving about it over on her blog. We have very similar tastes so I knew I just had to read it and wasn't she right!


Wow this was a rare, special read that blew me away. What an emotional, poignant read. This is my first read of Brigid Kemmerer's more famously know for Letters to the Lost- which I must read! And it was nothing short of amazing. 

Relating back to Letters of the Lost, comes a new story with two new characters, Rev and Emma. Both are very different people, Emma is a gamer and not just any gamer she coded her own game! She idolises her Dad and wants to be exactly like him, a game designer, but her Mum thinks she's wasting her time and should go to med school. Emma is also in a male dominated industry where abuse is rife if you're a girl.

Rev is an outsider. People at school call him the grim reaper as he always wears hoodies even in the height of summer and doesn't talk to anyone except his best friend Declan. Rev was adopted when he was seven years old when he managed to escape his abusive, religious Father. Now eighteen, his Father has got in touch and Rev doesn't know what to do. A chance meeting brings these two together to form an unlikely friendship but such an important one.

I don't think I was prepared for the emotions this read would evoke from me. There was one scene, which I won't spoil that surprisingly to me brought tears to my eyes. Brigid is a writer that knows how to supercharge a scene so that you completely 'get' just what that character is feeling.

This was such an easy read but it really packs a punch. It really gets across the issues that teenagers of today have to go through like cyber bullying and parents expectations. Emma and Rev are such well developed characters and you really feel like to get to 'know' them. 

The best quote from all of this was 'We have to ask questions to hear the silent people'. It is actually quite rare for a quote from a book to really resonate with me. It is so important to ask the quiet ones what is really going on and to listen as they are the ones that are usually too afraid to ask for help.

In places this is shocking, upsetting and hard to read, but this didn't deter me and it definitely shouldn't others as I think this is one of the most important YA reads I have read to date.

Part of the Spring Reads blog tour

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