Friday 3 November 2017

Blog Tour: Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

I haven't been very lucky with books this, very few have truly managed to grab my attention but the latter part of 2017 has produced some real winners for me and Otherworld has been one of them. I will now try and form some coherent sentences in my review for the Otherworld blog tour.


Otherworld to put it simply, was absolutely fantastic; the definition of a page turner and book that will keep you gripped throughout. If you've ever read a book that truly makes you forget your surroundings, then that is exactly what Otherworld does to you. I felt like I was coming to every time I had to rip my eyes away from the page to carry on in the real world- ironically just like Otherworld.

A new immersive game called Otherworld has been released and Simon, desperate to get his hands on it uses his Mum and Dad's credit card to purchase the extortionate gear to be one of the only 2000 people to get first look at Otherworld. The game literally take you to another virtual world while your body stays in the 'real' world and you can be whoever you want to be and make your dreams come true. It's so addictive you will never want to leave. The real reason Simon is there though is so he can speak to Kat who has been avoiding him for months. Simon quickly comes to realise that things are a lot more sinister than he thought and the company have been hiding a lot more than anyone could have seen coming..

Otherworld delivers some amazing world-building which is why I think it was so easy to get lost in it's storytelling. It's also scarily believable too and makes you question how do we know that it isn't actually happening right now? Although not exactly a new concept, Jason Segel and Kirsten have delivered a kick-ass story that is as addictive as the Otherworld game is supposed to be.

Although not everyone will like Simon, I loved him. Loved his sarkiness and that kind of underdog vibe about him and the unconventional love story between him and Kat. He's also cleverer than he lets himself believe and I think he has fast become one of my all time favourite characters.

Even if you're not normally a sci-fi reader I really recommend you give Otherworld a go. Technology is constantly changing all around us and this gives us an alternate look at the lengths it could go to.

I'm gutted at how long I have to wait for the second instalment of Otherworld, especially after THAT cliffhanger- evil authors, evil I tell you! However I have no choice but to wait patiently and am so excited to see where OtherEarth takes us.

Otherworld is out now

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