Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Princess Bride 30th Anniversary Edition

I cannot believe I am nearly as old as how long it has been since The Princess Bride first hit our screens and Buttercup and Wesley stole our hearts along with a host of other brilliant characters. This is such a classic fairytale, full of adventure, princesses, evil princes and some brilliant one liners as well as of course the ultimate love story. 

I actually only watched The Princess Bride a few years ago and it still remains one of those classic fairtytales you can watch again and again and again. If you haven't watched it yet, now is the perfect time as the 30th anniversary DVD and Blue ray edition is out in shops now. Including the original theatrical poster and all new sumptous artwork. This two-disc edition features 82minutes of extras on the DVD and 141minutes on the Blu-ray - including featurettes, cast interviews, audio commentaries, the original comprehensive documentary ‘As You Wish: The Story of The Princess Bride’ plus galleries and trailers. Bloomsbury publishing have also released their edition of the book which I am getting stuck into now.

Want more? Watch the trailer here:

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