Thursday 29 June 2017

Blog Tour: Lelsey Pearse 25 in 25

To celebrate the release of Lesley Pearse’s 25th book release called ‘The Woman In The Wood’ I am thrilled  to be part of the ’25 in 25′ blog tour, that reveals a different fact about Lesley and each of her 25 bestsellers each day. Today is about Lesley's 12th novel which is called Remember Me, and was first published in 2003. I am delighted to share with you Lesley's words on her 12th book.
Remember Me: This is my only true story. I got the story about Mary Broad, who was transported to Australia with the First Fleet of Prisoners to the new penal colony, from a small pamphlet. It ate into me thinking about her daring escape and how she was taken back to England in chains.  But what was written was like being shown a skeleton, I had to dig around for more information and where there was none, I had to make an educated guess at what happened. I came to love Mary, so brave and so flawed. I feel my book about her is one of my finest hours. 
The Woman in the Wood is out now

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