Thursday 29 June 2017

Blog Tour: Dark Immolation by Christopher Husberg

Duskfall and Dark Immolation books

Dark Immolation is the second book in quintet series of Chaos Queen. Duskfall, the first book in the series came out last year so get your copy now if you haven't already! To give a bit of background to the first book, here is a bit of the blurb.

'Pulled from a frozen sea, pierced by arrows and close to death, Knot has no memory of who he was. But his dreams are dark, filled with violence and unknown faces. Winter, a tiellan woman whose people have long been oppressed by humans, is married to and abandoned by Knot on the same day. In her search for him, she will discover her control of magic, but risk losing herself utterly. And Cinzia, priestess and true believer, returns home to discover her family at the heart of a heretical rebellion. A rebellion that only the Inquisition can crush… Their fates and those of others will intertwine, in a land where magic and daemons are believed dead, but dark forces still vie for power.'

I am delighted today to be the fourth stop on the tour for Dark Immolation with an extract that will definitely tickle your tastebuds. Enjoy!


172nd Year of the People’s Age, dungeons of the imperial palace in Izet, Roden

A woman sleeps. A woman sleeps, and she dreams.

Her dreams twist together, littered with holes, and even as she dreams the woman wonders who she is. The woman is a woman, she supposes. She’s tiellan, too, and this seems important, but the woman has difficulty defining herself in this moment. If the woman is tiellan she is also a daughter, a daughter who loves to hunt and fish, who loves to be among the trees and out on the water. If the woman is tiellan, and a daughter, then she is a wife, as well. The woman’s husband must be dead. The woman loved her husband, but when she thinks of his face the image is blurred. If the woman is tiellan, a daughter, a huntress, a fisherwoman, a wife, if she is all these things then she is at least one thing more.

The woman is a weapon.

But her mind shies away from this thought. The woman knows she must not think of this. The woman knows that this only brings her pain, and sorrow, and sadness.

So, instead, the woman lets her mind wander. Her mind expands, and she begins to soar through the thoughts of those around her. That guard, walking past her door, for instance. The woman’s mind watches him, follows him, sees what he sees and knows what he knows until she becomes him.

Dark Immolation is out now and if you are yet to start this series, get Duskfall first

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