Friday 5 May 2017

Blog Tour: Obsession by Amanda Robson- a shocking psychological thriller

Today's book highlight is The Obsession by Amanda  Robson. I am still yet to read this exciting sounding book, but it's on my books to read this month pile, so expect a review very soon! To tickle your tastebuds with this one as part of the blog tour Amanda tells us who she would like cast as each of the four main characters if Obsession was made into a film.


If Obsession was made into a film, who would I choose to play the main characters?


Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett has an interesting face, full of  expression and movement, large lips and eyes, rather as I imagine Carly. She is a very talented and versatile actress, which would be necessary because of Carly’s volatility. Even though Scarlett Johansson isn’t very tall and has green eyes, I am sure the film crew could compensate with careful cinematography and coloured contact lenses.

Ryan Gosling. He has a longish face, just like I imagine Rob. Handsome, but not too handsome. Handsome enough to blend in wherever he goes, whatever he does. He has the acting experience to play this supposedly nice guy in a wholehearted, convincing way.


A no brainer. Keira Knightley.  Keira, so skinny, she seems almost pre-pubescent, just like Jenni. Keira  is sensitive and vulnerable looking, again like Jenni. Her eyes are the right colour, and although not as big as Jenni’s, she really, really, knows how to use them.  


I have always imagined Craig to look a bit like Alec Baldwin, but because of the twenty year age difference I can’t ask him to play the part. So I am choosing Chris Pratt.  Chris Pratt is a very handsome, sexy man, as is Craig. Despite his toned body now, Chris used to be chubby. Craig has a tendancy to eat too much and put on weight, so Chris Pratt will empathise with that. 


  1. Waves, over from Book Connectors. Haven't heard of this book so will check it out. If it had a cast like that I think we would all watch 😍


    1. Hi Lainy! Thank you so much for stopping by!! And wouldn't we! I cannot wait to start it!