Thursday 23 March 2017

Blog Tour: The Escape by Cally Taylor

I am absolutely thrilled to be kicking off The Escape blog tour today. C.L. Taylor is one of my all time favourite thriller writers and also the author of my favourite ever thriller book, The Lie. C.L. Taylor has also written, The Accident and The Missing, so do check those out too. Now without further ado, read on for  my review of The Escape.

I positively whizzed through The Escape, the latest offering from brilliant thriller writer C.L. Taylor. To say that this book is action packed is a massive understatement and in usual C.L.Taylor style there was a brilliant twist that you won't see coming.

When Jo is accosted in the street by a woman who claims to know her, things rapidly start to spiral out of control. This woman has not only threatened her, but her 2 year daughter Elise and Jo will do anything to protect her. The problem is no one believes her, but Jo isn't going to hang around when her child is in danger.

This was another tense, brilliant read from C.L.Taylor and I experienced a hell of lot of emotions whilst reading. I had VERY conflicting feelings towards the main protagonist Jo. On the one hand you know that she is unwell and desperate to protect her child, but on the other hand I almost wanted to shout at her and tell her to get a grip! Some of the rash decisions she makes got me hugely frustrated, but always leaving me with the question of whether it was her that was the cause of all this or someone else. But then this is clever as you just don't know and can't see what is going to happen as Jo is just so unreliable.

Initially, despite past experiences of reading C.L Taylor, I thought that The Escape was going to be a pretty straight forward story. I didn't see how C.L. Taylor was going to make this the twisty story I knew she was going to pull out of the bag, and I must hugely apologise for doubting her; the twist was pretty blooming brilliant. I actually said 'No way' out loud as I didn't see it coming from a mile off.

Once again a fantastic thriller from C.L. Taylor. It's tense, it's gripping, it's fast paced and make sure you don't start this one late at night otherwise you will be reading into the early hours.

The Lie still takes the biscuit as my favourite thriller, but The Escape really packs a punch and will keep you coming back for more.

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