Monday 20 February 2017

Blog Tour: One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis

Hello booklovers, today it's my turn on the blog tour for One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis. As part of the tour I get to share my review of this compelling book. Read on below for more.

Although I have come across a similar story to this before, One Little Mistake still made for some compelling reading.

One Little Mistake really makes you question how well you know your friends and how far you can trust them. Just from one from poorly judged decision from Vicky, her life slowly starts to crumble around her and the best friend she thought she could trust with her life plays a huge part in it's destruction.

Vicky and Amber's relationship are what makes this story. It is a mixture of fascination and horror at how quickly a friendship can turn sour. Amber is not the person Vicki and the reader are led to believe and there are also mysterious flashbacks to a little girl who had so much unhappiness eighteen years ago. What I also liked about this was that despite Vicky appearing to have the perfect life on the outside, like Amber thinks she does, she still goes through the stresses and strains that normal life brings and that you really should not make assumptions about other people's lives.

I found the story very involving too. I could feel my anger boiling at what Amber was subtly doing to get to Vicky, I don't know how she held it together, especially as the snide digs became bolder and bolder. You can't help but get sucked in as the story develops and secrets and twists begin to unfold. 

Emma Curtis excellently draws you in with the gradual build up to the explosion at the end. This would have been a five star read for me, if I hadn't read something fairly similar not long ago.
Still a compelling read with a brilliant build up.

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