Tuesday 7 February 2017

Blog Tour: Ink by Alice Broadway- a fresh voice in YA

Very excited today to be on the inky blog tour for Ink by Alice Broadway. I am delighted to be able to share my review of this unique book with you as part of the tour. Don't forget to follow along the tour too.

In a world where every significant moment of your life is tattooed on your skin, everyone knows who you are and what your life has been like. When you die, your tattoos are removed from your body and made into a skin book. When Leora's Father dies, she knows that he will be remembered forever by his good deeds. But very quickly Leora begins to realise that she didn't know her Dad at all.

This really was, as I keep seeing so many others say, so unlike anything I have ever read before. I was fascinated by the idea that your life is marked on your skin. Alice very clearly is a great storyteller and there was so much depth and intricacy to this story that it was so easy to get lost in amongst the pages. There were also many instances where Leora's world mirrored our own and you feel like you are having to make the same moral choices as she does along the way. And just like Leora, Alice has thrown in a lot of twists along the way! Never for a moment could I begin to guess where this story was going.

This engrossed me so completely in its story that I totally forgot my surroundings and where I was whilst reading. It was almost like being jolted awake every time I came away from it, as it just absorbed me so completely. 

Ink by Alice Broadway was one of the most engrossing and unique books I have read in ages. She truly captures your imagination. I am incredibly excited for the next instalment, I honestly have no idea where Alice will take us next!


  1. I can't wait to read this one! Thanks for linking up to the British Books Challenge x

  2. Been so long since I stopped by your blog Laura! Just had so much stuff going on!

    What a gorgeous cover <3 And such a unique premise. Thanks for sharing the wonderful review Laura :) will definitely be picking it up!


    1. Hi Uma! I've just bee over to your blog and it looks lovely! I know what you mean, life does get in the way lol. Thanks so much Uma, it really is a greta read!