Friday 20 January 2017

Blog Tour: Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent

I am delighted to be on the tour today for Richard and Judy pick, Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent. For my stop on the tour, I am sharing my review of this mysterious book. Don't forget to follow along the tour too.
Having loved Liz's previous book Unravelling Oliver, I was super keen to read her latest, Lying in Wait as I wanted to see where she would take us next.
This was a thriller that was more focused on finding out the why rather than the who and when told like this I sometimes find it harder to want to keep reading. However this wasn't the case with Lying in Wait. Liz has got just the right amount of mystery to make to want to keep reading and the multiple narratives keep you on your toes.
Lydia is such a detestable character, a complete snob who has this way of convincing herself that she isn't to blame for a lot of things. She is cold, callous, and unhealthily obsessed with status getting her own way, but I was eager to know more about her and what it was she was hiding. She was alarmingly believable too, Liz has created her well.
The setting and the atmosphere was perfect for this novel. It came across as bleak and harsh and the hardship of the 1980's really came across too. It managed to feel authentic and I actually felt transported to that time whilst reading.
I was not expecting that ending! That was a complete turn for the books and added to my intense dislike of Lydia. Safe to say it was the perfect ending for this Lying in Wait.
Chosen as one of Richard and Judy's book club titles and for good reason, Lying in Wait is steeped in layers of mystery that will have you eager to find out more.
Lying in Wait is out now

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