Thursday 3 November 2016

Blog Tour: Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern

Who doesn't love a Cecelia Ahern novel? I know I do and today I am thrilled to be on the tour for Cecelia's latest book Lyrebird which is out today! Don't forget to follow along with all the other stops below. Read on for my review.

Lyrebird was unlike anything I was expecting, it was so different and actually kind of beautiful. You are two people whilst reading this book, who you were before you met Lyrebird and who you were after. Lyrebird will change your view and feelings of the world.

This was one of those stories that made me think how did the author come up with such a unique story.

Whilst filming a documentary in Ireland, the crew discover a mysterious woman who has been living alone for ten years in the mountains of West Cork, Ireland. She is unlike anyone they have met before, incredibly beautiful, she has the ability of mimicry, she can mimic sounds perfectly just like the Lyrebird and what she so becomes named. Now that she has been discovered, she finds that she has no where to go, so the crew take her with them to the city. Leaving everything that she has ever known behind, she is about to be confronted by a world desperate to understand to her, but will she truly be able to be free.

Initially unsure of where this story was going to take us, I found it really was unlike anything I had ever read before. Despite being grounded in reality, this story was actually pretty magical. I became entranced by Lyrebird's gift and the effect that she had on the people around her. 
I really liked Cecelia's narration of her characters. The main characters just seem to come alive off the page, every tiny detail of that person is highlighted and you can't help but feel that you know them. Even with those that only have a small part to play, Cecelia's still gives us a little insight into what is going on in their lives and what they are thinking and I loved this and I like to know as much as possible

There is so much that I want to talk about with what happens, but I went in knowing very little and I think readers will get so much more out of it this way.

An enchanting and surprising story.

Lyrebird is out now and available from Foyles

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