Wednesday 6 July 2016

Need to make space for new books? Sell My Book has the answer

The age old problem of being a book lover is that we just have too many books and not a lot of space to put them. Sometimes we just have to (shock horror) give them away. This can sometimes be inconvenient especially if you don't have enough time to take them to a local charity shop. Also sometimes you find yourself lacking in some money for new books and want to sell some of your current ones, but don't know where to start. This is where Sell My Book comes in.

What is Sell My Book?

Sell my book is an online website where you can sell your unwanted secondhand books. And all it takes is three simple steps.

How it works

1. Send them a list of the books that you want to sell, using a form on the website. Unlike other online book buying companies, they actually give you the opportunity to state your asking price. They will consider the titles and the price you have asked and get back to you same day.

2. They will collect your books for FREE! Yes FREE! And they will collect them from your chosen address, so this is particularly handy if you are lacking in spare time as you don't need to go anywhere/ get them collected from work. 

All you need to do is package your books up and weigh them and Sell My Book will arrange for a courier to collect them.

Or if you aren't at home you can arrange collection from your nearest courier drop off point that use either Hermes or ParcelForce.  

3. As soon as Sell My Book receive your books they will pay you and they are really flexible in how they pay you.
You can choose to be paid through PayPal, cheque in post or money transfer. If you choose PayPal, they will pay you before you even send the books.

It really is as simple as it sounds and it means that you can not only make space for new books, you also have some money to go towards them as well.

What if I don't want to sell my books and just want to  give them away?

You can also do this too! You simply go through the same process on Sell My Book and they will donate a proportion of the profits to one of the charities they support. If you would like to look at their chosen charities, you can do so here

Sell My Book are mainly interested in non-fiction and text books, so if you have lots of old uni books lying around (like I do!) then this is a great way of getting rid of them.

This post was sponsored by Sell My Book

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