Wednesday 8 June 2016

Book Review: You Know Me Well by Nina Lacour and David Levithan

Title: You Know Me Well
Author: Nina Lacour and David Levithan
Published: 2nd June 2016
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

I have been thinking recently that I need to read more diverse books and then You Know me Well comes along and I just had to read it.

This was such an uplifting read. I actually felt kind of happy whilst reading this, it was just such a stunning read. The characters just came to life and I felt right at the heart of San Francisco during Pride Week even though I have never been there. 

Now Kate and Mark- where do I start!? What an incredible friendship the two of them have. It is the kind of friendship that if you don't have it, you will wish you had. This is the ultimate definition of friends being there for one another and doing whatever it takes to help them out.  I think what touched me the most the total and absolute honesty between both Kate and Mark, their feelings, their flaws and their worries, their duel narrative just worked so well. It's a common misconception to think that teens have it easy, but they really don't, they are trying to figure so much out and find their place in the world. 

This was such a refreshing read. I liked that this was an LBGT book but rather than the focus being on the characters coming out, it was about them finding love and just going through the motions of being teenagers. 

I didn't expect to feel as many emotions as I did whilst reading this and I am finding it so hard to put into words just how much I adored this story. Some writers just have this ability to connect with a reader so well and David and Nina have done this completely. I have never felt so at one with two characters.

This was so well put together and pretty blooming beautiful. Uplifting and feel good.


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  1. A great read for Pride Month and I love the cover art!

    Stephanie Jane @ Literary Flits